Welcome to Irish Hypnosis. Ireland’s Leading provider of Hypnotherapy, we are all full-time professionals giving you hypnosis at the highest standards.

Here you will find information about Ireland’s most successful Hypnotherapy Clinics. With clinics nationwide, Irish Hypnosis offers you full-time Professional Hypnotherapists trained to the highest standards with ongoing supervision and monitoring of our systems to ensure our clients receive REAL hypnosis.

It is our mission here at Irish Hypnosis Ltd. to give the people of Ireland, Hypnotherapy delivered at the highest possible standards using the very latest techniques and processes. It’s time to let your mind give you back control.

All our hypnotherapists are completely dedicated and work full time to meet the needs of their clients. They are the only therapists trained in a fully accredited hypnotherapy institute (I.C.H.I.). Every therapist is accredited and is committed to ongoing, continuing professional development on a regular basis