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The Mall, Slievenamon Road, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
Slievenamon Road Thurles County Tipperary IE

Gerardine Fewer, Adv. Hip. MIHA ICHI.

Gerardine developed an interest in Hypnosis a number of years ago when she attended a group hypnosis session on Quit Smoking which was an unqualified success for her. She has completed courses in Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology over the years, but on taking early retirement from her job in 2012 she decided to commence training as a hypnotherapist with Irish Hypnosis. Her results with clients to date have confirmed her initial enthusiasm for the subject and demonstrated the benefits of a one to one session tailored to each individual client. As with all therapists at Irish Hypnosis, she continues to upgrade and develop new programmes to find permanent solutions to various issues raised by her clients. She is friendly and professional and is passionate about helping people achieve the changes in their life that they desire and to unleash their potential.

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John - Thurles

I had been smoking for over thirty years and had tried all the usual nicotine replacement substitutes such as patches etc.
A friend recommended Gerardine at Thurles Hypnotherapy and decided to give it a try and yes I was wondering what would it be like and how does it work!
I need not have worried one bit as once I met with Ger she was able to explain everything and put me ease straight away and went through in detail how the process of
hypnotherapy works.
I was so delighted I made this decision I have not smoked in in over 18 months!!!! No cravings ,no withdrawal symptoms and delighted that I finally was able with Gerardine`s professional help to break free from the habit of a lifetime.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gerardine to anyone and know they would be delighted with the results.

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Mary - Thurles

I had given up the cigarettes a few years previous and noticed over time that a few extra pounds were regularly piling on.  I wanted to halt the increasing pounds.  I had tried previous diets but would invariably return to my old ways.  I then chose hypnosis and it awakened in me an understanding of my eating habits and patterns.  Hypnosis helped me to relax and thing about how I was eating and what I was eating.  It also made me question my health and what I was doing to it.  I also now recognise the benefit and need for regular exercise.  Over seven months I lost 15kgs.  Eight months later the weight remains off and I am conscious about how I eat and maintain regular exercise and do partake in a treat as well. Hypnosis has certainly helped me.

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Majella Byrne - Tipperary

Before I went to see Gerardine I was feeling really lost, anxious and had no motivation to do anything.  Food became my comfort and my weight was just going up and my confidence going even further down.  I felt like I was just existing and not living.  Since my hypnotherapy sessions I have seen a massive change in my outlook of live.  I am happier, more positive and have much more confidence in myself as I have also lost over 11lbs in weight.  I am now totally motivated towards achieving my ideal weight and will continue on this positive path thanks to Gerardine.

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Connie - Thurles
I found the hypnosis sessions with Ger Fewer extremely helpful in my attempt to loose weight. I have been struggling with my weight all my life and, as so many others, was successful several times with other weight loss programmes (Weightwatchers, Slimming Worlds etc), but as soon as I reached the goal and I was off the programme, the weight kept creeping back up and more. Until I was at the stage where I gave up.

I contacted Ger and all the communication was easy and swift and during the first session she explained the process in great detail. I found the 4 sessions very relaxing and it helped me to realise that I need a lifestyle change, a break away from emotional eating and not a diet. From the first session on I felt more energised and was able to break old, bad habits such as overeating or rewarding myself with food. For my personally, that is the crucial point to cut the emotional connection with food. I now WANT to eat more healthily, do more exercise and eat less. It is not a chore or something that I need willpower to achieve, but this desire seems to come from within which makes all the difference. I realise that it is not a quick fix and a slow process (as Ger points out), but I am happy with the weight loss I achieved within the 6 weeks, as as slower progress  is more sustainable in the long run. An important part is the daily listening to a tape you receive which I found both relaxing and refreshing. All in all, I can highly recommend Ger Fewer and while I realise that hypnosis might not be the right approach for everybody, it certainly worked for me. “
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Passed driving test

I finally passed my driving test after a number of attempts previously. I had two hypnosis sessions with Ger and this really helped my anxiety regarding the test and it helped me tackle this head on. I dreaded taking the test and had cancelled a few times previously. The hypnosis helped me to really relax and just do it. I’m delighted to say I can now rip up my L plates. Thanks a mill Ger!

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New Non Smoker!
Hi Geraldine I am not on facebook and wasn’t sure about the other link but just to say I have not smoked since we last met – the days following our meeting I did not think about cigerattes – they just seem to have vanished from my mind and they have no importance or value in my life anymore – I don’t knock anyone else who smokes and I don’t worry about bumping into people who smoke – the smell of smoke does not upset me -I am only lately getting to exercise a bit more and I did put on a small bit of weight last year after our meeting but that did not bother me either- I have lost it again- I simply do not think about cigerattes anymore
Many thanks
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Dec Thurles

I recently realized that I needed some professional therapy to overcome my issues of anger, anxiety and stress.
I came upon Irish hypnosis in Thurles and needed to give this a try.
It was the best decision I ever made as I feel like a new person again.
Gerardine the therapist is very professional and friendly, I felt at ease almost immediately and each visit made me connect a little more with myself.
I would highly recommend a visit to anyone that needs to reconnect again and to make sense of how things work.
Amazing work Gerardine and thank you so much for all you’ve done for me.
Full star rating from me.
Regards Declan

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Claire - Thurles

Hi Gerardine,

I would like to send my thanks and appreciation for helping me to deal
my overthinking and anxiety when I am in situations.I have noticed my
has relaxed a lot more and I can be more present with people.I am
to the quote”it’s none of my business what people think about me”.
Thanks again for all your help.

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Deirdre - Tipperary

Hi Ger. Yes, in the middle of it all, forgot to send review. Here it is on text:

“Ger was very friendly and put me at ease. I found the sessions very relaxing, and have taken away some strategies for coping with situations that I’ve found stressful.” Deirdre, Tipperary



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Sarah - Thurles

Not so long ago I was at my wits end with having a fear of the dentist. This fear had been going on almost 8 years. I didn’t know how I would overcome it. So one day I decided on hypnosis and Geraldine was the first person who showed up for me who was based close to my area being just 30 minutes away. Not getting my expectations up as I wasn’t sure what hypnosis would do for me yet I was willing to try anything I booked an appointment with Geraldine and to this day I have never looked back.
Geraldine helped me over come something I was absolutely terrified of.
I couldn’t even let a dentist put a mirror inside my mouth. Although I could get myself to the chair in 8 years I just couldn’t allow the dentist do any more.
On another note not only did Geraldine help me 100% with my fear of the dentist she also helped me with anxiety and has helped me whole heartedly on having a more positive outlook on life.
I am so grateful for everything Geraldine helped me with and would 100% recommend.
She is so welcoming and just deep down a very sincere and nice person. I couldn’t have had a better person help me with my fears.
Thank you Geraldine I can now smile happily and confidently.

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