Stage Fright? Hypnosis Can Help You Conquer Anxiety and More

hypnosis for stage fright

Terrified of public speaking? When anxiety and depression get in your way personally or professionally, it’s wise to tell your doctor. You may get a prescription for antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication. You may also get a referral to a psychologist or counsellor for talk therapy. That’s the traditional approach. But what about Hypnotherapy for Stage […]

Hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction

Hypnotherapy for alcohol

Alcohol is a big part of society – we drink to celebrate successes, to wish congratulations and even commiserations. While in moderation, drinking isn’t considered a serious issue, when it becomes excessive, concerns arise. If an individual is turning to drink as a coping mechanism – as a way to deal with life’s stressors – […]

The Hypnotic Gastric Band Program

Gastric Band Mag Article002

The hypnotic gastric band is a weight loss program aimed at anyone who has at least 2 1/2 stone (15 Kgs) to lose in weight. I help clients who have many Stones/Kilograms to lose for a more permanent form of weight loss. This program is one session a week over a course of approximately 6 […]

Fear of Public Speaking


I recently worked with a client who had a fear of public speaking. I say “had” because they no longer have that fear. In fact within a week of the last session my client got up and spoke in front of a room full of people. Not only have they overcome that fear they also […]

The Best Scientific Evidence for Hypnosis


Hypnosis has been around for as long as humans have been around, but under many different names. That’s because hypnosis is a natural state of the human mind, one that can be triggered by a variety of experiences. Around the turn of the 20th century modern medicine was being developed. The study of the mind […]

Insomnia – Hypnosis can help!


Many people have to function on very little sleep. It can be a short or long term issue. They can put it down to a so many things, ie: stress, mind racing, worries, work pressures, noise, feeling too hot/cold, feeling too alert. The more they focus on not sleeping the longer they stay awake. The […]

Combating Addiction With Hypnosis

Hypnosis is more than what you have seen on television or part of a magic show. Despite the stigma, hypnotherapy has been used to treat insomnia, fear, anxiety and has been considered a breakthrough in addiction treatment. Addiction has gotten a reputation as a disease that cannot be cured. It’s common knowledge that once an […]

Before first session and after a few sessions for weight loss

Before first session and after a few sessions for weight loss - healthy living

Before first session and after a few sessions for weight loss – healthy living, comments from Frances (name changed for privacy). Before first session: I have tried to lose weight so many times, It has come off but goes back on again. I just feel I cannot do it. I hate how I look, how […]

Never experienced hypnotherapy before? – With Andrea Dalton

never experienced hypnotherapy before

Very often the people who come to me have never experienced hypnotherapy before. They may have heard of someone having been hypnotised many years previously and they got great long lasting results from 1 or a number of sessions – depending on what the person went for. It’s my job as a hypnotherapist to listen […]

Jealousy – an unhealthy mindset


Jealousy is a negative emotion that most people experience at some time in their lives. This emotion can be a regular occurrence and is part of the person’s natural make up, or it can appear unexpectedly, surprising them when this feeling emerges. They may suddenly realise they are coveting a belonging someone else has or […]

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