How do you treat mental health issues in the workplace?

How do you treat mental health issues in the workplace?

It is clear that there is currently an epidemic of mental health issues in the workplace… A Vhi Health Insights Report on mental health in the corporate workplace published in June 2018 found that fewer than one in five employees in corporate Ireland are extremely satisfied with their lives. More than one in five is […]

Change your Thoughts and you Change Your World

Change your Thoughts and you Change Your World

It’s a well known fact that stress and anxiety is on the increase. It is an unfortunate fact that children as young as five years are presenting with anxiety. Stress and anxiety can be a gradual thing. Initially it can start off with negative thinking. The negative thinking develops into a habit which leads to […]

A Hypnosis Session. What Happens Exactly? – Florence Bray


Hypnosis has been around such a long time. I’m glad to say clinical hypnosis can help so many people, but unfortunately quite a lot of people are slightly scared of it. Their view of it is that they think they can be controlled or made to do things they don’t want to, and of course […]

Scientifically proven benefits of gratitude

Scientifically proven benefits of gratitude

There have been many studies done on the benefits of gratitude on physical, psychological, and emotional health, which have pointed to immediate and ongoing benefits of gratitude.  If you have yet to begin your own gratitude practice, take a look at the findings below and, with some instructions on creating a gratitude practice of your own. […]

Hypnotherapy – A clinic owners perspective!

I had a client in with me early this year. She operates a very successful Veterinary practice. She attended for help with Panic Attacks and Anxiety. She would get very stressed trying to balance work pressure and home life. Wanting to keep clients happy and spend time with her husband and young children. She was […]

How Hypnosis Can Improve Your Memory

Hypnosis for Memory

Hypnosis has a reputation for helping people find lost objects, remember vague or forgotten events from the past, and even to remember events from a crime scene, as is done in forensic hypnosis. Having a reputation for improving memory is all well and good, but what does science say?  Research suggests that, yes, hypnosis can improve recall, […]

Past Life Regression – How and Why it Works?

Past Life regression

As with most things in my life that have been  good for me, I was resistant to Past Life Regression. I had a curiosity, nothing else. As a  Retired Nurse and Therapist, I was more about change in the here and now. However, my curiosity led me to have a Regression  in 2004 which I […]

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