Do you eat too much, eat the wrong foods or need to exercise more?

If your answer to the above is YES then this programme may be suitable for you.

What is the difference between dieting and hypnosis?


Most diets do actually work, that is; while you stick to that diet. However, it takes willpower. As soon as the willpower weakens, people give up on their diet.

Unfortunately, once a person starts to diet their body automatically lowers their metabolism. The longer that person stays on the diet the lower their metabolism will get.

After the diet, even when a person starts to eat normal amounts of food, they gain weight.

This continues until they are heavier than they were before they started the diet! Instead of losing weight – they end up heavier than before!

“I am so happy I did this programme. What motivated me to start was I knew I had a choice. Did I want to be heavier in six months or at my ideal weight. The thoughts of being heavier made me make that call. I started at size 16 and within 4 months I was size 10. Over 1 year later I am still size 10 and loving it. Thanks you so much”
Mary Mills / Dublin, Co Dublin

Once your mind is right, time will get you the result you want.

Margaret Loses 2 Stone in 6 Weeks and feels Fantastic!

Hypnosis gently changes your mind – Time looks after the rest

What is the difference between a slim person who eats well and loves exercise and a person who is 7 stone overweight and hates exercise?

Their minds and time!

Imagine if the overweight person had their thoughts changed so they ate well and loved to exercise. In one year or so they will be slim.

Imagine if the slim person had their thoughts changed so they ate too much, ate the wrong type of foods and stopped exercising. In one year or less, they will be very overweight.

“The turning point came just before the three-week mark when, getting ready for a night out, I discovered I needed a belt with my well-worn, much-loved jeans – and I don’t wear belts. Ever.

An added bonus, which I credit partly to my improved diet and more-frequent exercise, but mostly to the hypnosis and the relaxation CD he gave me, is that I’m now finding it much easier to relax and am far less stressed than normal. I’m sleeping much better.
It hasn’t all been plain sailing, and there’s still plenty of work to do, but if it’s always this simple, I’ve no doubt I’m going to achieve my goal through hypnosis.”

Journalist Laura Keys / Kilkenny People