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29 Carysfort Ave, Blackrock, Ireland

Mary K Anderson Adv. Hip. MIHA ICHI is a Professional Hypnotist with vast experience in the field of Hypnosis. As retired nurse Mary also has years of   professional knowledge and hands on experience in the area of health and wellness. Mary has completed hundreds of successful Hypnosis sessions with life changing results. She has created a full time holistic practice inclusive of hypnotherapy, reiki, and Intuitive Practice in and is now expanding her hypnosis practice to Blackrock andD4 Ballsbridge. Mary is also the Instructor at the Institute for Clinical Hypnosis for Past Life Regression. With an innate passion to help people make the changes in their life that they desire Mary has found that Hypnosis holds the key for permanent change.

Using the techniques she learned at the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis Mary is able to assist the client into a deep hypnotic place where change can occur. Mary works in all facets of Hypnosis Specialising in Hypnosis for Childbirth (Cele-Birth) Pain Control, Stop Smoking, addictions, and all areas of personal Development (fears phobias confidence public speaking). She is currently doing research using hypnosis in the treatment and repair of cellular DNA.

In her professional life Mary has served as the Liason for the Reiki Federation of Ireland (RFI) and the Vice Chair of The Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy (FICTA). She has mentored and taught staff in all areas of her career. She is also a professional singer, having sung in Nashville, Tenn and enjoys helping people find their own voice either in singing, Public Speaking, or speaking their minds with clarity and confidence.

Mary is friendly, confident and professional with each and every client that attends her clinic.  Thank you for stopping by. We would be happy to help you arrange an appointment with Mary at your convenience.

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Trisha Connor
‘Mary was recommended by a previous client of hers that was successfully of the cigarettes over two years. I was sceptical about this process but also at my wit’s ends to give up. All my concerns were laid to rest within the first few minutes, Mary is warm and friendly so I was immediately put at ease. The treatment was effective straight away and I am successfully off cigarettes one year!. Couldn’t have done it without Mary’s help.
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