A Hypnosis Session. What Happens Exactly? – Florence Bray


Hypnosis has been around such a long time. I’m glad to say clinical hypnosis can help so many people, but unfortunately quite a lot of people are slightly scared of it. Their view of it is that they think they can be controlled or made to do things they don’t want to, and of course that isn’t true.

When a client arrives in for therapy we do a full intake to establish the best procedure to take. We explain what is expected from them and what they can expect from the session, and carry out some simple tests to show them how powerful their mind is. This also gives us an indication of the type of person we are working with. We then explain the session procedure. This puts the client in a much more confident, relaxed state and we can begin therapy.

They are guided into physical relaxation,

then mental relaxation, directing the busy conscious mind off into lovely imaginary scenes. We carry out some tests to ensure that they are in Hypnosis and at the correct level in order for them to make the changes they want. When we are satisfied we have access to the powerful sub-conscious mind we then use the information we have gathered in their consultation to help them change in whatever area they desire. It’s a beautiful natural process of guidance and the client will only do what feels right for them. They would never do anything against their own personal values.

Throughout the session we use deepening methods to maintain a nice level of trance and guide them with suggestions which they accept in order to make the changes they have come in for. Finally we emerge them and all our clients comment on how relaxed they feel, and many will say they regret not having tried Hypnosis earlier in their lives.

Florence Bray
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Irish Hypnosis 
Naas Co Kildare &
Firhouse Dublin 24

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