Past Life Regression – How and Why it Works?

Past Life regression

As with most things in my life that have been  good for me, I was resistant to Past Life Regression. I had a curiosity, nothing else. As a  Retired Nurse and Therapist, I was more about change in the here and now. However, my curiosity led me to have a Regression  in 2004 which I found  fascinating.  My body reacted to the feelings  and the pictures in my head. I panted,  ran,  felt pain,  joy, pride and amazement.  I experienced it, analysed it, utilised what I could and that was that.

Fast Forward 10 years. As a Holistic therapist and Hypnotherapist I was asked to develop and teach a program for Past Life Regression for Hypnotherapists.   As I taught the intro courses  I saw amazing things. Phobias  removed  instantly!  Unknown languages transmitting a commanding power to the speaker dispelling fear.  I saw the images in peoples mind transmitted through their face, body and speech.  I have been privileged to help them go beyond  limits and create freedom.  I was hooked on Past Life Regression.

So what are past lives?  The most prominent approach is from a Spiritual View which has been a model  for centuries.  I will present 3 alternative approaches to its origin in this article.


There are several quantum physics laws and theories that could explain it on an energetic level. The Law of Conservation of Energy,(Energy cannot be destroyed),  All Energy Interacts with all energy, and the Copenhagen Interpretation( if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there does it make a noise) to name a few.  Per the Energetic view we die and our energy lives on. Then based on  desired experiences by the  consciousness  we reincarnate for that experience. We then carry within our energy field all the experiences good or bad in specific patterns,  that move into the next life with us. Our job is to align the misaligned patterns so that these experiences are aligned with the whole being in harmony.  This would support a linear timeline.


Developing  foetal cells receive an Epigenetic inheritance ( a parents experiences in the form of genetic tags  passed to future generations) via the sperm and the egg.   Thru the process of growing and dividing reprogramming occurs to create a clean slate for the developing cell.  However,  some of  the tags survive the reprogramming and the information is passed on to the cells . This inheritance can also bypass the reproductive channel  and come through  experiences that have already affected the parents  genetic expression.  We then , we have these genetic expressions that began far back in our lineage expressed in our own genetics. Perhaps past lives  is experiencing  our collective genetic and environmental  past.  Things  happened,  not to us but  to an ancestor long ago.  We then interpret the experience we have as a Past Life. This would support the concept of time occurring concurrently since it is expressed in our genes. The past and present coexisting within us.


Sometimes the only way something can be expressed is as a story about a part of us.  This is particularly prominent in trauma.  The subconscious  protects us by burying  information  if it feels it will hurt us.  Why?  The job of the subconscious is to protect us and this protection is manifested in many ways.  By introducing Past Life Regression  the subconscious  can allow the expression because  it is not about us, but a concept of us. Because it doesn’t see the need to protect us directly the subconscious is taken off  guard or shall we say relaxed. This allows the problem to be solved by creating a similar story about someone else.  This would support past lives as a mental contrivance for survival and healing.

Whether  the origin is one or a combination of all concepts,  Past Life Regression as a Therapy works. It is more than finding out who we were. It is everything about who we become. It is vital that therapeutics  are part of the regression. To know is simply not enough.  Using a variety of techniques as we explore past lives, we can  identify, transmute, and transcend many issues that are simply inaccessible  via more conventional therapies. Past Life Regression can be Life changing on all levels. We are able to find the hidden parts of ourselves and bring them into the light, creating a conscious awareness of  the problem. It allows us to fully integrate our mental, emotional, spiritual , physical and cellular selves, creating a stronger and clearer connection to the ourselves and the higher vibrations of the universe.


Mary Anderson -Hypnotherapy-Adv.Dip-Reiki Master Teacher-Vibrational Intuitive

Past Life Regressionist

Owner-Vibrational Institute-Irish Hypnosis Blackrock

 Trainer & Past Life Regression Instructor – Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy of Ireland

Author-My Past Lives-Ireland the Hill of Tara

Radio Producer & Presenter-Mindful Vibes- CharityRadio .ie Mondays 9pm-11pm

Motivational Speaker

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One thought on “Past Life Regression – How and Why it Works?

  1. Donal ó hAnnáin says:

    I have Struggled with depression for many years. Have done much therapy.
    Have read Brian weiss and other. Wondering if this might help me. Bit lost in life at moment.

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