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Suffering from Anxiety is extremely challenging and frustrating for some people as they cannot explain why it is happening to them and it’s also saying that there is something in their lives that they have no control over.  Let’s face it, we all like to be in control of our own lives!  It’s a necessity for survival!

We are not born with anxiety.  It is a condition we develop as a result of our perception of past events.  When we were young, the logical thinking button in our conscious mind wasn’t active yet.  It doesn’t activate until approximately 7/8 years old (sometimes a little later for some).  The way we perceive things during these early years is different to how an adult perceives things.  The rational/logical mind is active in adults.

Throw that in the mix with being vulnerable, dependent on adults and most of the time not in control of what goes on in our lives…it can have a negative knock on effect on our lives if we perceive it negatively.  The word PERCEIVE is very important as some things may never have been intended to offend a child but unfortunately the one thing the child has control over is his/her perception of events.

I’ll give you an example of a client whom we treated for anxiety last year.  For obvious reasons I will change the name.

Donna is 35 years old.  She has suffered with anxiety her whole life.  Every time she gets into certain situations she gets chest pains and sweaty palms and other unpleasant physical symptoms. She received medication for a while and sought other treatments to help deal with it.  Donna still lost control in certain situations and it was turning her life upside down.

I regressed her to her childhood and we discovered something incredible.  She suffered with separation anxiety every time her mam had to leave her.  When she was 10 months old, her mam was sick and had to go hospital.  For a few days, Donna was left with her aunt and uncle whom she never met before.  We were confident we got to the root problem of her anxiety because we know that it was perfectly logical for a 10 month old baby to feel terrified being left with strangers (in the child’s eyes remember).  There was no intent to harm the child in this situation but however my point is…the child’s PERCEPTION of the event is key every time.  In her eyes ‘every time mam got sick something bad was going to happen’.  She even recalled a time when she was 9 and her mam was lying in bed waiting for the doctors to ring with an appointment and what did Donna do?  She took the phone off the hook.  She is not a bad person, but a beautiful person who was scared to death that something bad was going to happen.  When someone is in this type of situation they will do anything they need to protect themselves, even though its irrational behaviour…it’s a learned behaviour and when it was learned it was in fact rational.

I was confident that we got to the route of Donna’s anxiety, because it was logical for her to experience these negative feelings at that point in time.  The significant events were desensitised and Donna can no longer get back those negative feelings.

Never underestimate how important it is for us as adults to treat children with the utmost respect, as their little minds are fresh and vulnerable to ALL our words and actions.

Parents are not born with handbooks on how to raise children, but very often when we declutter what is in our heads and look at how our parents’ parenting added value (or not) to our lives we can see how some things worked and how other things could do with a little tweaking!  Hypnotherapy can change how you feel about past events and remove any negativity associated with them, allowing you to become the best person you can.

Blog By Rosie Callaghan

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