Never experienced hypnotherapy before? – With Andrea Dalton

never experienced hypnotherapy before

Very often the people who come to me have never experienced hypnotherapy before. They may have heard of someone having been hypnotised many years previously and they got great long lasting results from 1 or a number of sessions – depending on what the person went for.

It’s my job as a hypnotherapist to listen to the client and put any fears or misconceptions they might have to rest. Some people have wondered if they will be asked to do anything strange like they have seen on the tv. I immediately say no, they will never be asked to do anything like that and explain that they are in complete control all the time and stage hypnosis is very far removed from clinical hypnotherapy. If they are still doubting, I ask them would they get up and do a handstand for me and when they say no (I have yet to meet someone who will do one for me) I explain to them it’s the exact same in hypnotherapy.

You never go against your morals and I would never ask you to either. I often get asked what’s it like? I can only say from my own experience I am in a very deep trance where there are no lists, no worries, no cares, no stresses. I hear the hypnotherapist in the background like a radio. I am conscious of them talking and guided by them but they do not disturb my mind in the peace I am in. I am quite simply in my bliss. It’s a wonderful place, full of peace and tranquility.

Depending on what the client has come in for, a session can last between 1.5 to 2.5 hours. And a number may be required to help the person move on in a more positive frame of mind for a better, happier, brighter future. Usually when the client has emerged they say they feel deeply relaxed, more so than they have in a long time.

This can also be as a result of the very fast busy paced life we lead. The client is never asleep. After the session we have a chat about what came out during the session and if they can get back that old feeling they had when they first came in. It’s really a wonderful therapy that transforms peoples lives in a relatively short space of time.

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