Insomnia – Hypnosis can help!


Many people have to function on very little sleep. It can be a short or long term issue. They can put it down to a so many things, ie: stress, mind racing, worries, work pressures, noise, feeling too hot/cold, feeling too alert.

The more they focus on not sleeping the longer they stay awake. The hours spent awaiting the morning to come can seem endless. Then as morning time approaches they can find themselves drifting into a deep sleep, and awaken when it’s time to get up feeling groggy and worn out. This pattern can continue and then they feel there is no way they can ever change it. Their expectancy of a good night’s sleep is beyond their wildest dreams and the habit forms and reinforces as time goes on. Sleep is so important as it’s very difficult to function at an efficient level and deal with life’s challenges if you haven’t got enough sleep. It can be very difficult to carry out simple daily chores suffering from lack of sleep.

You can become irritated or find it hard to maintain focus while working. Sleeping tablets can be prescribed and a person can rely on them fearing they cannot manage without them. So a cycle of medication continues and a person then feels they cannot sleep without taking medication.

Hypnosis has helped many people who suffer with insomnia as it accesses the sub-conscious mind to reprogram and erase any unwanted over-riding thoughts or memories that can play at this deep level. It helps relax the busyness of the mind and allow a person to feel calmer, and allow the natural rhythm of sleep to occur. It can take just a few sessions of Hypnosis depending on the severity of the problem to reduce, or in many cases, clear up any sleeping issues. When we get a good night’s sleep, life can appear easier, we can cope with any challenges and function more efficiently.

Many people will say they regret not having tried Hypnosis much earlier and they could have avoided years of feeling tired and generally worn out. Hypnosis is the easiest, safest and most natural way to help a person regain a balanced sleep pattern. Florence Bray Clinical Hypnotherapist Irish Hypnosis Naas, Co Kildare & Firhouse, Dublin 24.

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