Hypnotherapy – The Most Successful Method to Becoming a Non-Smoker

Quit Smoking with Willpower

Featured Authors – FRAN Malone & Teresa B. McGrath Adv. Dip. HYP. Irish Hypnosis Tallaght/Terenure.

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world  want to stop smoking, they ‘try’ to give up smoking but most fail using traditionally tried methods.
Giving up smoking, stopping smoking, becoming a non-smoker, can prove to be more difficult than envisaged for the majority of people.
Some find that they can stop for the first three days without too much effort using their will-power.  Will-power will not sustain long lasting results because it only affects the conscious mind or short-term memory.
Will-power has no effect on deeper resistances, which are lodged in the superior sub-conscious mind or long-term memory.
Sufferers of smoking  find the cravings and irresistible urges and triggers which make them want to smoke a cigarette are much more powerful than their will-power can resist.  Inevitably they succumb to temptation and find themselves back at  the start again, mentally beating themselves up for yet another failure.
And on and on it goes, a never ending cycle.
Hypnotherapy has proven to be the most powerful tool to affect change where smoking is concerned.
Hypnotherapy clients who are now successful non- smokers have discovered through the power of clinical hypnotherapy that stopping smoking is easy.
How is this? smoking
Other therapies and methods do not deal with the deeper emotional and psychological difficulties that a smoker experiences when wanting to become a
Hypnotherapy  targets the emotional attachment and psychological need, two very powerful conditions which are crucial to the success for the want to be, non-smoker.
Many surveys have been conducted across Europe, Scandinavia and the USA on the effects of different therapies / methods for ‘giving up’ smoking.
In all 72,000 people involved in 600 surveys from all walks of life were surveyed as to how successful they had been with all of the therapies available to them.
Frank Schmidt of Iowa University statistically carried out a *meta analysis combining the results of the 600 surveys and on completion of his work found that  just one session with a hypnotherapist, a smoker increased their chances of success in becoming a non smoker by 1000% from 6% to 60%
*Meta Analysis* (M A) Is used to identify which interventions work and which work best. M A is used to summarise a body of evidence on a specific question.
Proving that hypnosis is the most effective way to becoming a non-smoker, these undeniable results have been established according to the ‘largest ever scientific comparison of ways to breaking the habit’
Nicotine addiction is not the main problem as this can be eradicated from the body within 3/4 days, however the psychological desire to smoke will still be there.
Hypnosis is designed to overcome psychological addiction, the cravings. It doesn’t matter how many cigarettes a person smokes  or how long they have smoked, hypnosis will strengthen the desire to becoming a non-smoker.
Across all of the therapies and methods which are applied to assist a person to  becoming  a non-smoker the following statistics were found:
Suggestion therapy alone accounts for 30% success.
Combination techniques that reduce or eliminate pre-conceived notions of withdrawal symptoms will succeed with a further 29%
Smoking aversion therapies will have a 25% success rate.
The remaining 16% is accounted for in GP assistance and loved ones advice, self-help ie. will-power, patches, gum, e-cigarettes, pharmaceuticals.
Will-power it turns out accounts for almost zero results.
The survey concluded that of all the methods available HYPNOSIS gave a smoker the best opportunity to become a successful non-smoker.
Irish Hypnosis Ltd (IH) has developed a unique process for smokers which increases the rate of success for their clients into the high nineties.
By applying many strategies from the very beginning of a session during the pre-talk stage, right through to the process of the hypnotic state and also applying ongoing positive suggestion, all have proven to be the most effective way for a smoker to becoming a non -smoker.
FRAN Malone Adv. Dip. HYP. Irish Hypnosis Tallaght

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