Hypnotherapy – A clinic owners perspective!

I had a client in with me early this year. She operates a very successful Veterinary practice. She attended for help with Panic Attacks and Anxiety. She would get very stressed trying to balance work pressure and home life. Wanting to keep clients happy and spend time with her husband and young children. She was under severe pressure. When she would get a call from a client, regardless of whatever time of day or night she felt obliged to help. She felt so stressed as a result of stretching herself beyond any sensible limits, her health was effected, wasn’t sleeping, and was having panic attacks on a daily basis. Her doctor prescribed anti- anxiety medication and sleeping tablets. She wasn’t happy to be taking the medication and as she had tried Counselling for a few years, was feeling a bit doubtful if Hypnosis could help. She had been recommended by a a friend who had attended the Clinic some months back to Quit Smoking.
During the consultation, she told me when she was growing up her Dad was a very aggressive man and would constantly punish them if they got anything wrong in schoolwork, or helping out in the home. The fear in her resulted in her over-doing everything, constantly trying to please her parents and on edge all the time. This information was so important as it was initially where she learned to feel pressurised to please everyone.
In her first session we were able to re-educate the Sub-conscious mind to respond in a calmer way to pressure and remove the negative emotions from past experiences. When she emerged after the session she said she felt calmer that she had ever felt in her lift. When she returned 2 weeks later for her second session she reported huge improvements, she hadn’t had one panic attack and was very pleased that she was prioritising her work and family life. In her second session we worked on building her confidence and self esteem, as throughout her life she never felt good enough in spite of her many amazing achievements.
We followed with a third session to re-inforce all the changes and ensure that she never experienced panic attacks again.
That lady’s life changed when she let go of irrational fears she learned at an early age. Her health improved, and she emailed to say her doctor had gradually reduced her anti-anxiety and sleeping tablets and at that point she was off them completely. I feel so grateful to part of the wonderful lady’s life changing process.

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Florence Bray
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