Fear of Public Speaking


I recently worked with a client who had a fear of public speaking. I say “had” because they no longer have that fear. In fact within a week of the last session my client got up and spoke in front of a room full of people. Not only have they overcome that fear they also have the added bonus of being comfortable and being able to talk to anyone. This is whether they are in a bar, a cafe, in work or whatever the environment or situation.

Their fear of public speaking was traced all the way back to their early childhood. In some instances for clients it could have been when a parent or someone in authority was talking and a child came in and interrupted the adults conversation. The adult may have reacted harshly, possibly scolded the child for the interruption or dismissed the child altogether. The child took this on board and this is where the fear of public speaking may have started from. I say may have started from as we are all unique and all have had a different upbringing and environment. So each session is different for everyone who walks through the clinic doors.

During hypnosis we look at the very first in their life the child felt they were silenced or dismissed or possibly even laughed at by family or friends. Whatever the event is, we address each and every subsequent event that occurred after the very first event, the initial sensitizing event. Once each and every event in the now adults life has been reframed we then get the client to imagine themselves in a situation where they would be public speaking. There is no limit to a persons imagination. They can let it run absolutely wild, just as they did when they were a young child playing with imaginary toys or friends or playing a game.

In some sessions I get the client to imagine themselves in a room full of people who are waiting for them to come on stage or take the podium. I really get them to live this experience and see and feel how at ease they are, how in control they are and how enjoyable an experience it is for them.

This allows the client to see, feel and believe how great it is to have that confidence to get to and deliver a speech in a calm, relaxed and enjoyable way.

Seeing a client leave the clinic with a new found confidence and ease is a wonderful, wonderful thing. It is a lifelong change that can have such a positive effect on their lives.

Getting a text from your client saying how well that speech went and the feedback they got from a room full of (mostly) strangers is fantastic. Not just for me as their hypnotherapist but for them themselves.

Andrea Dalton – Irish Hypnosis Rathfarnham – The Fear of Public Speaking

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