Magic Spot! Getting Children to be comfortable with Injections

Here’s a way you can use a basic clinical hypnotherapy to help your kids (or yourself!) when you are having injections.

Here’s what you say:

“How would you like never to feel any discomfort again whenever you get an injection? All you have to do is to pretend you can’t open your eyes, so much so that when you try to open your eyes, they just won’t open… That’s right… Now stay like that and keep on pretending you can’t open your eyes, and the most amazing thing is going to happen. You’re going to have a Magic Spot put on your arm. Once this Magic Spot is put on you, never again will you have to feel an injection. You’ll know the doctor or nurse is working there, but nothing will disturb, nothing will bother you. You’ll never have any discomfort from an injection, either before, during, or afterwards.”

Now let the doctor or nurse paint a Magic Spot in the area to be injected with cotton wool and alcohol. Then, with the child still keeping their eyes tight shut, the doctor or nurse should then go right ahead and administer the injection without further warning or comment. Your child (or you) won’t feel a thing!

The magic thing about the Magic Spot is that once you have created it, the next time the child needs an injection they can keep their eyes open and even look at what the doctor or nurse is doing and provided the injection is made in the Magic Spot and they will, once again, feel no pain. You can create as many Magic Spots as you need around the body.



When creating a Magic Spot always make sure that the child has pretended that their eyes are so tightly shut that when they try to open them, they can’t. If they do open their eyes, ask them to pretend harder.

When explaining what is going to happen to the child, avoid using the word “pain”, stick as closely as possible to the words above.

Always make sure the child keeps their tight eyes shut the first time a Magic Spot is used.

Most importantly of all make sure the doctor or nurse doesn’t say anything like “This is going to hurt a little”!

Article on Injections written by Tim France – Irish Hypnosis Wicklow

Tim France Injections

Tim France
Irish Hypnosis Wicklow

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