Change your Thoughts and you Change Your World

Change your Thoughts and you Change Your World

It’s a well known fact that stress and anxiety is on the increase. It is an unfortunate fact that children as young as five years are presenting with anxiety.

Stress and anxiety can be a gradual thing. Initially it can start off with negative thinking. The negative thinking develops into a habit which leads to a particular belief system. The most common belief is that everyone & every situation around them is causing this problem.  It can be the weather! It’s either too hot or too cold. It maybe that someone they had arranged to meet had to cancel to someone on the other side of the road not saluting them or it can be a friend at work rushing past them on the corridor.

This negative & irrational thinking can then result in emotional charges which start to become part of the person. The belief becomes “Everyone is against ME” They start to ‘awfulise’ and ‘catastrophise’. The ‘everyone is to blame’ mentality can eventually result in dismissing or wiping out even their closest friends over a trivial matter. This irrational and negative thinking which is termed negative globalising grows over time and as it grows the emotions and emotional charges become much more intense.

The good news is that Clinical Hypnotherapy is proving to be a very effective model of therapy for depression & anxiety.

In the past I have used Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. This helped clients to manage their condition. However, using aspects of CBT through Hypnotherapy gives the client the most effective results. As well as being very effective, the time frame is also much shorter than any other model of therapy.
Clinical Hypnotherapy is a Non Judgemental Client Centred Therapy. Our clients are supported and empowered in the process of change. At the end of therapy our clients tell us they feel a new found confidence & self esteem. Their thought pattern & mind set has changed. They feel invigorated, empowered and they are looking forward to enjoying their life to the full.

Mary F Colleran B A (Hons)  Counselling & Psychotherapy MAPCP

Clinical Hypnotherapist IHA. NGH ICHI

Irish Hypnosis Galway 0892501105

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