The Hypnotic Gastric Band Program

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The hypnotic gastric band is a weight loss program aimed at anyone who has at least 2 1/2 stone (15 Kgs) to lose in weight. I help clients who have many Stones/Kilograms to lose for a more permanent form of weight loss.

This program is one session a week over a course of approximately 6 weeks (or over a period agreed between the client and hypnotherapist). The hypnotic gastric band can dramatically change a person’s eating habits permanently, lowering their BMI (Body Mass Index), increase in fitness levels and overall living a healthier lifestyle able to wear smaller clothes, the clothes they want to wear and not the clothes they have to wear.

How does it work?

I sit down with the client and discuss their eating habits, running through a typical day as to what they have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea and anything and everything that goes into their mouth in between. We then have a further chat about their history. When was the last time they were at their ideal weight? When did they notice the weight go on? Were they a healthy weight as a child or had they always had weight on them? Many more questions are asked during this chat and it helps me as the hypnotherapist to build a program specially tailored towards each client.

As each session progresses, I can see the clients clothes get looser and they step on the scales and the number, their weight, gets lower. To keep the weight off permanently I help the client find out what their trigger is around foods. Do they associate eating at a certain time during the day or when a certain chore is complete? Do they eat/graze all day long or would they binge eat if a stressful situation occurs? Do they congratulate or commiserate themselves with food? Maybe they reach for food if they are sad and lonely? Some people even eat out of boredom. Other clients may have had a traumatic event occur during their lives, physically or sexually abused, abandoned, adopted or any one of several other reasons. I help them find out that reason and reprogram their subconscious mind back to being positive, back to them being in control of how they deal with their feelings and emotions.

When people go for a real physical gastric band, they are putting themselves through several great stresses, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. It is a very serious operation and as with any operation it comes with risk but even more so if you weigh at an obese or morbidly obese range. Sure, the weight falls off because your stomach has been greatly reduced, however this rapid weight loss can lead to excess skin which may require further operations to remove this excess skin around the stomach, arms, legs etc., putting your body under more stress.

With the hypnotic gastric band things are very different. You are held accountable each week for your weight loss. We address what eating habits have changed and what changes have been made to your lifestyle. I give the subconscious mind direct suggestions around water intake and physical activity. What activity you like to do now or liked to do in the past or would like to take up. This is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. It’s a longer-term solution to a problem that has become a habit. We tweak the tailor-made program each week for you. So, you are better off in your head mentally, emotionally and physically feeling the benefits for a happier, brighter and healthier future with the bonus of it costing considerably less than a real physical gastric band.

The actual hypnotic gastric band operation is made very real for the client. They are gowned up, blood pressure taken and various other things to fire the clients imagination. Some people have never had an operation before and can come around feeling woozy or described the cold of the anaesthetic as it crept up their arm until they were under for the operation. Clients can often hold their side after the operation is complete and really feel like I have inserted a gastric band. It’s VERY real for them.

Some clients may come back occasionally over the years for an adjustment to the gastric band, to loosen or tighten it. This helps in maintaining their weight, should they require it.

I have had many clients successfully go through this hypnotic gastric band program and it brings me great joy to see not only the physical effects on their body, being a lot slimmer and fitter, but also the positive change it has on the other areas of their lives. They are no longer in a pattern that had them trapped in their minds from an experience in the past. They are free from that prison they were trapped in, now living in the present moment healthier and happy in mind and body.

Now just imagine or pretend how amazing it feels to be wearing the clothes you want to wear, the shape of your body under your clothes. Imagine people passing you complements, and you have that great sense of pride in you because you achieved the weight, size and shape you want to be. Just imagine or pretend allowing yourself to be seen, enjoying life and living it freely……. no longer being trapped in a body that prevented you being the person you know you are. Really visualise that newer you. Picture it. Feel it, see it and believe it.

Now what are you going to do to make that positive change in your life?


Andrea Dalton – Irish Hypnosis Rathfarnham

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