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Dr Colhoun Road, Galway, Ireland
Doctor Colohan Road Galway County Galway IE

As a person Mary has had many valuable years of experience with dealing with every manner of human issues and has developed a solid empathy, dedication and passion for helping people. As a professional (Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor/Psychotherapist) she brings all of her real experiences to the fore.

Her approach is empathic, non-judgemental & professional. She endeavours to help her clients to get to the heart of the matter quickly, so that they can experience profound transformation from the inside out. It is Mary’s intuition, experience and unrelenting passion to help each and every client she works with move past their problem and into a positive and permanent solution that marks her out among her peers as a quality and respected therapist.

Essential to Mary’s style of therapy is her uncanny ability to develop instant rapport with her clients so that they instantly feel comfortable in her presence which means they can get working on solutions straight away.

The issues that Mary deals with on a regular basis range from smoking cessation, addictions & weight loss to curing anxiety, depression and confidence building. It is not uncommon for her clients to report life changing results in just one session because this is the level at which she operates.

She is a valued and proud member of The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy Ireland (Ireland’s No.1 provider of hypnotherapy) and along with her colleague Derek Delaney in Sligo is considered by many to be one of the top performing providers of hypnotherapy services in the West of Ireland today.

A visit to Mary at Irish Hypnosis Galway is always a step in the right direction.

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Shannon 21yrs old - Galway

Before I went to Mary my life was on the line. I suffered from intense fear & anxiety. I had irrational thoughts & at night I had hallucinations. I was afraid to go to sleep at night. I was afraid of my thoughts & I feared that I was losing my mind.

When I went to Mary I knew that I had made a good decision as she was empathic & understanding & she assured me that I wasn’t losing my mind & that I would be ok. After just two sessions with her I was aware of a remarkable improvement. I looked forward to the sessions each week as I could find myself getting back on track. I had six sessions in total.

I couldn’t recommend these sessions enough as without them I wouldn’t be the positive person that I am. I am completely in control of my life. This woman turned my life around, but not only that she showed me that I am the only one capable of determining my own happiness. I am no longer afraid of myself. In fact I love the person I now am. I overcame such an obstacle in my life that it has made me the strong & capable person I am today. It saved my life & I am eternally grateful.

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David Stapleton - Quit Smoking Galway

Happy New Year to you Mary. I got over the christmas and new year and won the best feeling ever. I am still down the 3 STONE in weight and never felt better, thanks to you and my great backup.Personally I feel that most people with weight probiems would have better health when they would spend time with you and be treated with such kindness and generosity of spirit. See you soon to continue with my new life. Many thanks, David

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Monika - Quit Smoking Galway

After nearly 20 years of smoking, Mary helped me quit. Almost 2 weeks off cigarettes now and feeling great! Thanks xx

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Siobhan - Galway

I went to Mary because I was at the stage that food was controlling my every waking moment. I would go to the presses numerous times during the day to see what was there that I could eat even though I wasn’t hungry.

The whole weight loss journey was fascinating. Each session was hugely positive & I recognised the many reasons of my overeating. I particularly enjoyed the session where I could see & feel clearly the emotions around my childhood eating experiences.

Along with getting the desired results, I have become hugely disciplined not only in my approach to food but I am also more in control in other aspects of my life. I am a much more positive person as a result of the experience.

Mary was professional, hugely encouraging & very informative. The setting was lovely – tranquil & cosy. Many thanks for a wonderful & life changing experience.

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Highly recommend
  • Catherine reviewed 1 year ago
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I went to Mary for help with my depression and anxiety. I had tried medications, counselling, DBT treatment and none of them were as beneficial than the hypnosis. Mary put me completely at ease from the first meeting and I fully trusted her at all times. After a few sessions everything seemed to click into place and I felt different, a better truer version of myself. Thanks to Mary I believe in myself, have confidence, no longer feel hopeless about things and am excited  about what life has to offer. I would recommend Mary and hypnosis to everyone who is struggling with something.

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