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Carlow Gateway Business Centre, Strawhall Ave, Carlow, Co. Carlow, Ireland

Paul Challoner Rc Hyp,Dip.Hyp is a ground breaking hypnotist that covers Kilkenny, Carlow and surrounding areas. He has hypnotised thousands of people and trained hundreds to use the art of hypnosis themselves. He is vastly experienced in the area and is passionate about helping others get the changes they want in the shortest possible time and thus gives his all to each of his clients and students.

His pet hate is when he hears that someone has being told it will take them months or years to see an improvement in whatever issue is affecting their life. He then determines to prove that opinion incorrect.

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Sinead Falsey - Carlow

My name is Sinead Falsey and 2 months ago I went to Carlow to meet your hypnotherapist Paul.
While I suffered nightly with anxiety attacks for years on end, I am pregnant so didn’t have to luxury of taking medication to solve my very distressing problem.
After seeing Paul I’ve had NONE, ZERO, NOTHING. Not one night have I awoken to the horror of anxiety.
As I write this I’m aware it’s 5:40AM. No I’m not a crazy night stalker ? I’ve been woken by my 6 month little bump who I have been marvelling over and embracing lovingly the last hour. I’m very emotional writing this and I feel the need to spill my appreciation into works for Pauls and your organisations help to me. I’m saying thank you because without Paul’s help I would have woken, suffered with unbearable anxiety until exhaustion took over and I feel back asleep, only to face another day of worry an anguish, but here I am instead enjoying my life, enjoying my night and enjoying my babies gifts.
No amount of words can sum up what has happened and changed in my life, and there is not enough vocabulary to write how many thanks I want to give Paul.
So please can you see that Paul gets a copy of this email as a small token I my overwhelming thanks and to everyone involved.

Massive thanks

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Mrs M - Carlow
So I decided to quit smoking again for the 100th time but this time I was determined to succeed. I wanted to try hypnotherapy to boost my chances, but having been to a hypnotist in the past I was a little sceptical. It didn’t work the first time around but I think it was down to the inexperienced hypnotist I went to rather than the hypnotherapy itself. Having tried to quit using e-cigs, patches, gum, tablets and even cold turkey I just didn’t have enough will power to do it on my own. I decided to give it another go and I went to meet paul in the Carlow clinic, he explained step by step everything that was going to happen and made the whole experience so relaxing. I’m glad to say it was a success and I have not smoked for over 2 weeks nor do I feel the need too. I cant believe how easy quitting was this time, no horrendous withdrawals or extreme mood swings. I would highly recommend a visit to paul for anyone who is struggling like I was.
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Seamus - Carlow

Hi Paul . Just wanted to say thanks so much for working with me on my anxiety about doing my best man speech and just nervousness in general. The wedding was Saturday and everyone complemented my speech and said it was great and I even walked around and had a bit of interaction with the crowed . I definitely would not of been able to do that before meeting you and was going to tell my friend I couldn’t be his best man as I was so anxious. Yes I had nervous and my hands were shaking but that’s natural . When I find myself getting a bit nervous or worried about situations now I find I can lessen the worry in my head pretty quick and that really is a massive change for me . I’m so glad I found you and thanks again.

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