Monthly Archives: July 2018

How Hypnosis Can Improve Your Memory

Hypnosis for Memory

Hypnosis has a reputation for helping people find lost objects, remember vague or forgotten events from the past, and even to remember events from a crime scene, as is done in forensic hypnosis. Having a reputation for improving memory is all well and good, but what does science say?  Research suggests that, yes, hypnosis can improve recall, […]

Past Life Regression – How and Why it Works?

Past Life regression

As with most things in my life that have been  good for me, I was resistant to Past Life Regression. I had a curiosity, nothing else. As a  Retired Nurse and Therapist, I was more about change in the here and now. However, my curiosity led me to have a Regression  in 2004 which I […]

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