Monthly Archives: May 2018

Magic Spot! Getting Children to be comfortable with Injections

Here’s a way you can use a basic clinical hypnotherapy to help your kids (or yourself!) when you are having injections. Here’s what you say: “How would you like never to feel any discomfort again whenever you get an injection? All you have to do is to pretend you can’t open your eyes, so much […]

If You Struggle To Lose Weight, There’s Another Way To Help Shed Those Stubborn Pounds

Weight Loss Hypnosis

And it’s easier than ever! Losing stubborn fat can be very challenging for many of us. We try every fad diet, starvation and exercise but still don’t see the results we are struggling for. Whether you’ve given up or are in need of that extra “something” to stay motivated, you may find weight loss hypnosis […]

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